Witu-Kipini, Kenya: Visit General Superior

The Rt Rev Fr Michael Corcoran, the Mill Hill Missionaries’ General superior, is visiting Witu-Kipini parish.

On his arrival on the 18th of January 2022, he immediately visited Kakathe Mission station.  Kakathe is the last mission in Witu  bordering Boni Forest and Pandanguo. Boni forest has been known for terror group Al Shaabab related activities. Like other villages around Boni forest Kakathe has experienced a series of terror attacks. The worst one was that of 2017 when 10 people lost their lives and others where forced to abandon   their farmland to seek safety in IDP camps.

With recent attacks in Lamu county from the 3rd of January 2022 leading to the loss of 15 lives in the Witho Area including 4 security officers on the Lamu road, the people of Kakathe did not hesitate to share with Father Michael how this is affecting their lives.

Most people in Kakathe now have to seek refuge in neighbouring villages where they can have a bit of sleep.
In their sharing with Father Micheal, they continue to be thankful for the presence of Mill Hill Missionaries in their midst who continue to give them hope in their challenging moments. 

Alexander Kimbi MHM

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