World Day Migrants and Refugees: Zimbabwe Bishops Speak

Every migrant and refugee is unique and has a story to tell, and if that story is given a synodal listening ear, it can change the perceptions on how people look at the issue of migrants and refugees or those on the move. The migrant youth, elders, women, people living with disability, orphans, married or single persons, have a story to tell. Their story might be a painful one, full of despair, fear and yet full of trust on the one listening, as displayed in the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-49.

What was of importance to Jesus was to listen to those disciples who had chosen to leave the rest due to fear and threats they had received from the surrounding communities of the Jews. Jesus listened to their story and in turn, they listened to Jesus’ narrative to the extent of welcoming each other into their home, their perceptions were enriched through that encounter. Displaced people have a lot to offer. They can enrich and broaden the way hosting communities see things.

Source: ICN

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