World Youth Day in Numbers

Jorge Messias, head of WYD logistics department, said all countries are taking part in the week-long celebrations except Maldives.

“It is the WYD with the most nationalities in its history,” Messias said in a press conference.

At least 354,000 registered pilgrims showed up on the first day, with Spain as the country with the highest delegates of more than 77,000.

Spain was followed by Italy with 59,469 participants, the host nation Portugal with 43,742; France with 42,482; and the United States with 19,196.

But Messias said they expect the number of pilgrims to increase throughout the week, with around 750,000 people expected in Parque Eduardo and one million in Parque Tejo.

Overall, about 25,000 volunteers from across the world are involved in the WYD, who are distributed in various teams. More than 100 of them are Filipinos.

Source: Licas news

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