World Youth Day: ‘Thank you for your Generosity’ – Pope

“Dear young people, I know that you are working hard for the final meeting of youth. All of you, guys and girls, all together, are working towards this. I want to thank you. Thank you especially for your generosity.

Generosity is like a noble wine that if one loses it, afterwards life is going to be very mediocre, very boring because generosity pulls you up, but generosity is not studied in books.

Generosity develops as just like you do, working for a cause, and you are working for a great cause, which is the meeting of the youth. I thank you for your work.

I thank you above all for your enthusiasm. Never lose hope in life because hope is what pulls you forward. Never lose it. If not, you will be very boring.

Hope is what gives you joy. I give you my blessing. Pray for me, and I´ll pray for you. See you in Lisbon!”

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