Wuhan, China – Inspiring Story of Catholicity

Prior to coming to China, Theresa had been told by her father in Sierra Leone that she would need to become familiar with the practice of praying in her apartment rather than having the possibility of being a member of an active community at a church. The early advice was based on his assumption that there are no churches in China, an assumption that is not uncommon in other countries. Within two weeks of arriving in China Theresa was told by a student about the active international community at Holy Family Church. Following her first visit to the church, news was sent home to her father who was quite happy to receive a correction to his assumptions about Church life in China.

As the weeks went by Theresa became an active member of the international community. With the arrival of the pandemic in early 2020 all activities at the church were cancelled. Many members of the international community left China and apart from a few who relocated to Wuhan from within China, there were no new members arriving due to China’s strict border control measures during the pandemic. During the second year of the pandemic, the smaller community was trying to maintain it fragile administrative structure. Theresa kindly agreed to accept the main role of responsibility for the community.

Source: ICN

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