Year of St Joseph: Children get Involved in Uganda

As the Church continues to celebrate the special year of Saint. Joseph, Sunday school Children in Uganda’s Kampala Archdiocese have organized programs to help mark the year and understand the role of St. Joseph in the Church, the Sunday school teacher of Uganda Martyrs Minor Basilica, Namugongo Ms. Dorothy Atuhaire Ssonko has shared with AMECEA online.

Pope Francis declared a special year to celebrate Saint Joseph the foster Father of Jesus on 8 December 2020. During an interview on Friday, January 29, Ms. Ssonko disclosed that Bannakizito Sunday School Children were introduced to the special year of St. Joseph on Sunday of the Word of God, January 24, “where they were briefed about the reality of who St. Joseph what he did and who he is in the Church, in the Family and in the lives children.”

The Sunday school for children which has been given virtually since the lockdown restrictions in Uganda shall continue online even after the ease of lockdown.

According to Ms. Ssonko, the children will have various activities throughout the year-long celebration including composing poems and songs in praise of St. Joseph, drawing pictures and having drama skits about St. Joseph which the children will share every Sunday on Uganda Catholic Television (UCTV).

“Through these activities the children will discover their talents; they will able to express themselves; to be creative and also to have the opportunity to nurture their self-esteem and confidence,” Ms. Ssonko disclosed the long-term impact of children participating in various activities.

Additionally, “the children will carry out acts of charity such as visiting the elderly in communities to integrate Pope Francis’ message about care for the elderly in their life,” Ms. Ssonko said.

The Sunday school teacher narrated further that on the feast day of St. Joseph on March 19, the children will animate Mass and plant trees to give importance to the carpentry work that was done by the Saint.

Source: Communications Amecea

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