Year of St. Joseph: Diocese of Nakuru, Kenya – Promote Participation of Men

The leadership of Kenya’s Nakuru Diocese is planning to use the Year of St. Joseph to have the participation of men church activities improved, the Pastoral Director of the Diocese has told ACI Africa. 

“Our plan this year is to see that men grow in Christian faith and participate in church activities. They are actually our target,” Fr. Dicto Kikwai told ACI Africa Monday, February 8.

He added, “When you go back especially to our Small Christian Communities (SCCs), we see that men’s participation is actually very, very low. We want more men to participate in such forums.” 

Men’s participation at the local level of the church is lower compared to that of women who, through the Catholic Women Association (CWA), are “at the front in matters of evangelization and are very vibrant,” Fr. Kikwai explained. 

Source: ACIAfrica

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