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Year of St. Joseph: New Book on Litany

This new book on the Litany of Saint Joseph is not just “like” a devotional work –– it is a devotional work. The same publisher –– OSV –– asked me if I would be interested in helping people to reflect on and pray with this litany, and I jumped at the opportunity. For me as the author, I drew great spiritual nourishment from taking my time with one title or honor of Joseph at a time, and then writing a brief reflection for each one. In assembling reflections for each of the 22 titles and honors of Joseph in the Litany, I wanted to provide readers with the opportunity to settle into a deeper meditation on this great saint, while allowing their own imaginations and creativity to grasp his beauty in a new way.

In writing this book, I was responding to the Holy Father’s invitation to rededicate ourselves to Saint Joseph, the timely invitation from OSV, and my own love for taking a more devotional approach to reading and prayer.

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