Young Mill Hill Missionaries at the Coast of Kenya. 

It is our tradition to meet once in a while in the north coastal area in Malindi Diocese of Kenya to remind ourselves  of our Mill Hill family bond and more importantly, our fundamental calling to take the Good News of love and service to the ends of earth. (Matt 28). The proximity of Witu, Kipini and Lamu to each other makes this even more frequent.

Today we took time aside after the beautiful Trinity Sunday celebrations to take our new team members out to welcome them to the coast of Kenya.

Anand From India arrived a few days ago and will be a member of our Witu team.

Ray From Philippines is a student in Nairobi and he will be around for six weeks. Ray is joining the Kipini team.

Peter from Uganda is a student from our formation house in Nairobi and he is joining the Witu team.

Kelvin from Cameroon is also our student from Nairobi formation house and he is joining the Lamu team.

Martin is our seminarian from Malindi diocese and he joined the Witu team.

Deacon Valeriano is back in the team again after completing 3 years of his theological studies in Pune India. Valeriano was our Witu team member for two years of mission experience and left for studies in 2020.

We are restful to God to welcome the new members into our team with joy.

Alexander Kimbi MHM

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