6th April 2020

Cardinal Bo (Myanmar): Repression, Lies and Corruption of Chinese Communist Party Responsible for Magnitude of Covid-19 Pandemic

No corner of the world is untouched by this pandemic, no life unaffected. According to the World Health Organization, nearly a million people have been infected and more than 46,000 have died. By the time this is over, the global death toll is expected to be millions. International voices are being raised against the negligent attitude shown by China, especially its despotic Chinese Communist Party … Read more

COVID-19 Kenya: Bishops Denounce Police Brutality

The brutality meted out on a section of Kenyans by police officers in their bid to enforce the dawn-to-dusk curfew put in place by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19 has caught the attention of Catholic Bishops who, while condemning the Friday, March 27 episodes, have called on security officers to act with a human face, respecting the dignity of persons. Source: ACIAfrica Read more

Juba, South Sudan: Archbishop Stephen Ameyu Installed

Until his appointment as the Local Ordinary of Juba Archdiocese on December 12, Archbishop Ameyu recalled that he “was simply a priest, a staff, a teacher at St. Paul’s Major Seminary and I wanted to remain so for the whole of my life as teacher.” Recalling the events of the months following his appointment, the 56-year-old South Sudanese Prelate invited all in attendance to “pray … Read more

Juba, South Sudan: Background to Controversy over New Archbishop’s Appointment

Relying on sources in Juba and seeking to make sense of the protests against the planned installation of the Archbishop elect, slated to take place this Sunday, March 22, the new Archbishop seems to have his work cut out, ACI Africa has gathered from multiple sources. It is the untold story of lamentations about a Church institution endowed with so much, human and other, but, … Read more

Pakistan: Sindh Province Badly Hit by Coronavirus

Officials in Pakistan’s Sindh province have reached out to minority leaders in a bid to combat the coronavirus that has badly hit the country’s southern region. The move came as Pakistan saw its biggest daily spike of Covid-19 cases on March 16. According to federal and provincial health officials, the number of coronavirus cases jumped from 33 to 183 within 48 hours and many of these were … Read more

Neighbourly Love in Times of Coronavirus – A Bishop’s Golden Rules

Think about who may be suffering more than me. For those of us who are healthy there is much less to worry about but the elderly, the housebound and those with chronic health conditions may be very anxious. How about each church undertaking an audit of all the vulnerable people they know and sharing out the responsibility to phone them each day. There’s nothing like … Read more

Controversial Appointment New Archbishop of Juba : Retired Archbishop Paolino Lukudu Weighs in

“I urge all diocesan priests, religious and faithful of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba to refrain from violent activities and (desist) from violent threats and hostilities,” the 79-year-old South Sudanese prelate read his statement. “We must avoid divisive politics and reckless utterances which lead to animosity and violence,” he added and urged “our young people not to engage in acts of violence against whichever group.” … Read more

Africa’s Largest Diocese: ‘Desert, My Cathedral’ – Where Charles de Foucault once Dwelt as a Hermit

In the Diocese of Laghouat, the missionaries run a number of projects that impact locals, regardless of their religious affiliations. This, according to the Bishop, is what has kept the Christians to live in harmony with Muslims. “We have five communities of sisters whose main activity is a project supported by Caritas and other organizations who support us to help the parents of handicapped children … Read more

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