6th April 2020

Malaysia: Mill Hill Missionaries Livestreaming Eucharist

Although church buildings have been closed and all public gatherings and celebrations have been cancelled in accordance with the decision of the government to restrict public movement as a way to limit the spread of Covid-19, it has not stopped priests in Sarawak from carrying out their pastoral and spiritual activities for the spiritual nourishment of God’s people entrusted to their care. Spiritual activities such … Read more

Pope Francis Delivers Defining Image of Coronavirus Emergency

Twenty years from now, if you were to ask Italians to think back about what images stuck in their minds from the coronavirus, it’s a good bet that after Friday night, many would give the same answer. “Papa Francesco standing alone in St. Peter’s Square, under the rain, praying for it to end,” they’d likely say. In one fell swoop Friday night, Francis not only … Read more

A Letter from Saint Ignatius

Heaven 14th March 2020, Earth time   Dear people on earth, I see you’re having a hard time finding the right attitude to the coronavirus. That’s not strange. Over the past few decades, science has made such progress that you have come to believe that a solution to every problem can be found in no time. Now it’s becoming clear all over the world that … Read more

Argentina’s ‘Slum Priests’ Join Forces with Government to Fight Covid-19

Seven priests – including Bishop Gustavo Carrara – who live and minister in the slums of Argentina’s capital met Seven priests – including Bishop Gustavo Carrara – who live and minister in the slums of Argentina’s capital met with President Alberto Fernandez on Wednesday, where they filmed a video urging people to stay home, even in the country’s slums. “In the slums it is also … Read more

Covid-19 Mozambique: ‘People here Think they are Going to die like Dogs’ – Missionary

Arias lives in Mangunze, a rural zone some 100 miles from Maputo, the capital, and some 20 miles from Xai-Xai, capital of Gaza state. There’s only one hospital in the state that has an ICU: 12 beds, in a wing opened last year. Not nearly enough when the region has 2.5 million inhabitants. “They’re opening new hospitals,” Arias told Crux. “But not because they have medicine … Read more

Sindh, Pakistan – A Celebration of Life

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic movement control, nine Mill Hill members in Sindh Pakistan were able to gather at Bishop’s House to celebrate the triple celebration of life. It was a time of thanksgiving and joy in the midst of the pandemic declared by WHO. The triple celebration of life consisted of the Feast Day of St Joseph the Patron Saint of Mill Hill … Read more

Apostles of Jesus: Congregation Emerges from Suspension by Vatican

AJ, the first religious missionary congregation to be founded in Africa, had its activities suspended by the Vatican, through a decree issued by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life dated June 21, 2018, placing the society under a Pontifical Commission of inquiry. The Vatican-based Dicastery, which took over all duties of AJ leadership and undertook to conduct investigation into behavior … Read more

St Jozefhuis, Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: Two Senior Lay Missionary Associates Renew Contract

The customary celebration of the Feast day of St Joseph, Patron Saint of the Mill Hill Missionaries, on March 19th at St Josefhuis, Oosterbeek, this year was given an additional sparkle by the renewal of contract of two senior residents.  Jan Laarakker (*1929) and Nicolas (Ko) Klaver (*1944), two long-standing Mill Hill Missionary Associates, renewed their commitment for another period of five years in the … Read more

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