24th January 2020

South Sudan: Comboni Missionaries Take up Challenge of Providing Quality Education

On his part Br. Jorge Rodriguez Floyd working in the nation’s Diocese of Malakal disclosed the Province of Comboni Missionaries has plans underway in the education sector to meet the Comboni tradition of education. “We are organizing to clarify our education to make it the Comboni tradition and education that we have gained through the many years of our presence in Africa,” Bro. Jorge Rodrigug … Read more

South Sudan: Sant’Egidio Facilitates End to Hostilities and Humanitarian Access

In the Rome Declaration, the signatories acknowledge efforts made by global leaders of Christians churches as well as church leaders in their country saying they are “humbled by the relentless spiritual and moral appeal for peace, reconciliation and fraternity.” Specifically, the leaders express their appreciation for “Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Former Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Scotland as well as the … Read more

Sant’Egidio Lay Catholic Association in Peace Mediation for South Sudan

With the countdown to the possible formation of South Sudan’s unity government into the last full month after the latest 100-day extension, a group of opposition leaders is currently in Rome for a meeting under the auspices of Sant’Egidio Catholic community, a lay Catholic association dedicated to the provision of social services and arbitrating conflicts, ACI Africa has confirmed. Sant’Egidio community has commissioned representatives to … Read more

Juba, South Sudan: Appointment of Archbishop Contested

Several days after letters expressing rejection of a Papal transfer of a Bishop in South Sudan emerged, the heads of dioceses in Sudan and South Sudan constituting the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SCBC) have thrown their weight behind the Holy Father and his representatives in the world’s youngest nation and expressed regrets “with great humility the inappropriate language used” in two defamatory letters. “We, the … Read more

South Sudan: Message from Holy Trinity Peace Village – Kuron

Merry Christmas 2019 and prosperous new year 2020. It is through God ‘s grace that you and I succeded to make Holy Trinity Peace Village, Kuron, how it looks like today from 2005 to 2019. One hand cannot clap.   We pray for the suffering people of Sudan and South Sudan, through God’s grace and through our endless prayers with fasting, may the year 2019 … Read more

South Sudan: Churches Call for Dialogue and Compromise ahead of Christmas Festivities

Leaders of Christian denominations in the world’s youngest nation have, in their collective Christmas message, to advocate for lasting peace in their country, imploring the parties in conflict to engage in dialogue and make compromises to facilitate the formation of a unity government envisaged in the September 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS). Source: ACI Read more

Forgiveness and Reconciliation: A Deeply Moving Interview with South Sudanese Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala

“When I was old enough, my grandmother told me the names of exactly who killed my mother and I grew up hating them and their communities. But later, when I was in the seminary, a Jesuit priest from the United States, Fr Ed Brady, managed to convert me to the way of peace. He taught a course on justice and peace to the seminarians in … Read more

South Sudan: Sant’Egidio Diligent Peace Broker

Leaders of South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA), a coalition of holdout opposition groups, held a three-day meeting with the Sant’Egidio community in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1968, the Community of Sant’Egidio is a lay Catholic association dedicated to social service provision. During the meeting, conducted from November 18-29, SSOMA appealed to the community to urgently engage with regional and international partners to ensure that … Read more