2nd April 2020

From Italy: Rinascerò – I’ll be reborn

This song is from Italy’s most famous band in the 70’s. They have donated the copyrights to Bergamo Hospital. Every click on the video means a gift, because YouTube pays the owner of those copyrights per click. In Bergamo hospital, 800 people died yesterday alone. So share this video as much as possible. Grazie!  

Malaysia: Mill Hill Missionaries Livestreaming Eucharist

Although church buildings have been closed and all public gatherings and celebrations have been cancelled in accordance with the decision of the government to restrict public movement as a way to limit the spread of Covid-19, it has not stopped priests in Sarawak from carrying out their pastoral and spiritual activities for the spiritual nourishment of God’s people entrusted to their care. Spiritual activities such … Read more

Pope Francis Delivers Defining Image of Coronavirus Emergency

Twenty years from now, if you were to ask Italians to think back about what images stuck in their minds from the coronavirus, it’s a good bet that after Friday night, many would give the same answer. “Papa Francesco standing alone in St. Peter’s Square, under the rain, praying for it to end,” they’d likely say. In one fell swoop Friday night, Francis not only … Read more

Five Tips for Participation in Live Streaming Celebrations on Internet

For several days, Facebook seems to have become one big liturgical space. Worldwide, all possible celebrations and prayer moments are streamed. Sometimes clumsy, often really enjoyable. A journalist asked me what I thought of there being no celebrations in Holy Week this year. I replied that there will be celebrations. However, most faithful will not be physically present. The Internet will allow them to participate … Read more

A Letter from Saint Ignatius

Heaven 14th March 2020, Earth time   Dear people on earth, I see you’re having a hard time finding the right attitude to the coronavirus. That’s not strange. Over the past few decades, science has made such progress that you have come to believe that a solution to every problem can be found in no time. Now it’s becoming clear all over the world that … Read more

Psalm 151 in a time of Coronavirus

What if the psalmist were alive in the age of COVID-19? How would his lamentations speak to the times? This is a question a group of choral singers have tried to answer – with tongue firmly implanted in cheek – in a YouTube video that has gone viral in Britain: “O Lord, to whom ǀ hygiene be longeth: Hear the cry of thy servants when … Read more

Argentina’s ‘Slum Priests’ Join Forces with Government to Fight Covid-19

Seven priests – including Bishop Gustavo Carrara – who live and minister in the slums of Argentina’s capital met Seven priests – including Bishop Gustavo Carrara – who live and minister in the slums of Argentina’s capital met with President Alberto Fernandez on Wednesday, where they filmed a video urging people to stay home, even in the country’s slums. “In the slums it is also … Read more

The Raising of Lazarus

How can we begin to imagine the events in the gospel reading for the fifth Sunday of Lent from the point of view of Lazarus, raised from the dead?  Rob Marsh SJ invites us to try. ‘Death changes you. But so does life.’   It’s tough being dead – until you get used to it – though it’s a damned sight better than what goes … Read more

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