24th February 2020

Seminary Training: Discerning in, Discerning Out

Hubbard had multiple “God moments,” and he entered seminary because of them. But in seminary Hubbard realized that ordination wasn’t his calling. In November 2018, he discerned out of seminary. “By our baptism, we’re all called to be priests, prophets, and kings,” Hubbard told CNA. “So although I won’t be an ordained priest, I’ll be living out my calling by being the priest of my … Read more

Pune Voices: Magazine of Mill Hill Missionary Students of Theology in India

Editorial We are living ia a world that has become tech-sawy where people have hardly nay time or patience to wait for. We want to achieve anything at lightning speed: be it our own dream projects and goals. Thanks to the revolution of scientific technology. It has its own positive and negative impact on the lives of human beings nod other species of our ecu-system … Read more

Growth – A Newsletter from the Institute of St Anselm

The Institute is slowly establishing its home in Rome and adjusting to our new way of life. We have been very blessed the way everything has evolved and developed although true to life it has been challenging at times. We were privileged to have a visit from Cardinal Joseph Coutts from Pakistan in September who spent some time sharing with us. We were delighted to welcome … Read more

Arise: Magazine of the Mill Hill Missionary Students in Cameroon

What shall this Child be for Us? Karma, or the law of sowing and reaping, l\ never fails to exact its pound of flesh. What you sow is what you reap. The catastrophic nightmare in the Anglophone section of Cameroon is the tragic consequence of many years of ignoring and playing politics of the ostrich with the legitimate cries of the people, of relegating God … Read more

Nairobi, Kenya: Lay Person to Head Tangaza University College

The Mill Hill Missionaries are a member congregation of Tangaza University College (TUC). Students at the St Joseph’s Formation House in Nairobi receive their theological training at TUC. “I am so delighted, and to say the truth I am thrilled that I happened to be the first lay person to have the chance to lead such a prestigious group of people; 22 religious congregations, each … Read more

Missio UK Director Anthony Chantry MHM Visits Malawi

Pontifical Mission Society of England has implored on Catholics in Malawi to change their mind-set regarding support towards seminaries and the vulnerable who form a critical mass in the propagation of faith as missionaries on earth. Missio UK Director Fr. Anthony Chantry said, after a 14-day visit to the country with his 3-member delegation, that the Church in Malawi is growing and requires support more … Read more

Iloilo, Philippines: Mill Hill Missionaries Family Night

The Mill Hill Missionaries in the Philippines celebrated the annual (last November 15, 2019) Family Night in our Formation House in Iloilo. It was attended by the families of our students and Friends of Mill Hill. There were religious sisters as well in attendance. Apart from sumptuous foods, the students prepared and showed their talents as well in singing, dancing and acting. The friends of … Read more

Nairobi, Kenya: Tangaza University College Inaugurates Institute for Interreligious Dialogue

An institute facilitating learning about dialogue between various religions of the world including Islam was officially inaugurated Friday, November 1, bringing to nine the number of Institutes that constitute Tangaza University College, the Kenya-based institution of higher learning jointly owned by dozens of religious congregations. Spearheaded by the religious congregation of the Missionaries of Africa and named Institute for Interreligious Dialogue and Islamic Studies (IRDIS), … Read more

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