24th January 2020

The Philippines: Taal Volcano Eruption – Unenviable Plight of Aged and Persons with Disabilities

Before going back to Casay, I visited the evacuation center where the aged and PWDs are being housed. These evacuees in Sacred Heart School of Recoletos, Cavite are the “lucky ones” to have a spacious room and folding beds. Many “unlucky ones” are cramped in other evacuation centres. Mario Dimapilis mhm

The Philippines: Taal Volcano Eruption Evacuees in Alfonso, Cavite

The eruption of Taal Volcano near Tagaytay scattered not only volcanic ashes but people as well. Many municipalities situated near the volcano became ghost towns. Their people are now seeking refuge in many municipalities and villages in Alfonso, Cavite, my home town. Since I’m home for the 1st death anniversary of my youngest sister, I’m taking my home visitation to visit and to offer support … Read more

Philippines: Santo Niño – Cardinal Tagle Warns against Manipulation

“If there is manipulation, it means somebody is pretending to be powerful … if there is oppression, it means somebody is pretending to be the master,” said the prelate. “That is not the attitude of a child in the Kingdom of God. It will only result in darkness,” he added. Cardinal Tagle made the call during his homily at a Mass to mark a feast … Read more

The Philippines: Black Nazarene Procession an ‘Outpouring of People’s Longing for Good’

Wherever the people’s devotion came from, whether it’s liturgically sound or not, there is no stopping them from offering prayers and giving thanks to the suffering Jesus. Through the years, many have attested, and believed wholeheartedly, to the miraculous power of the image of the Black Nazarene, from granting personal petitions to healing the sick. There are those who have accused devotees of bordering on … Read more

The Light: Newsletter for the Friends of Mill Hill in The Philippines

Warm greetings and welcome to All our Readers! At last our Friends of Mill Hill-Philippines newsletter got its name. During our November 2019 assembly, we decided to give this newsletter its name to give it an identity. It is now called THE LIGHT. (Ang Bag-ong Iwag). Why this name? THE LIGHT is a translation of the Hiligaynon words “ANG IWAG.” It is a Mill Hill … Read more

Pope Francis to Filipinos: ‘Continue to be Smugglers of the Faith’

Pope Francis has called on Filipinos, especially those who are living and working abroad, to “continue to be smugglers of the faith.” He made the call at the end of a traditional “Simbang Gabi” Mass that he celebrated with the Filipino community in Rome on Dec. 15. The “Simbang Gabi,” or night Mass, is a devotional nine-day series of masses celebrated by Filipinos in anticipation … Read more

Philippines: Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle Appointed Head of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila has been appointed the new prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the Vatican announced on Dec. 8. The 62-year-old Philippine prelate is only the second Asian to lead the congregation, popularly known by its old name of Propaganda Fide, which is responsible for evangelization and the nomination of Catholic bishops in Asia, Africa and Oceania. Cardinal … Read more

Red Wednesday in The Philippines

The Parish of Santa Teresa de Avila in Casay, Anini-y, Philippines, together with some 2,000 parishes in the Philippines celebrated the Red Wednesday campaign (November 27) in response to the Aid in Church in Need (ACN) calling to remember the 300,000,000 persecuted Christians all over the world. It was the 3rd year that the Philippines joined in the We Remember Campaign as part of the … Read more

Philippines: High Quality Catechetical Programme in Antique

A group of researchers from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, presented to the Clergy and Catechists of the Diocese of San José de Antique the result of their study on the state of catechetical program in the Philippines churches (Nov 12, 2019). It was heartwarming to hear how the Catechetical Program started by Mill Hill Missionaries under the leadership of the late Bishop Cornelio … Read more